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The new RANGE X-ALPS 3

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The RANGE X-ALPS3 is the result of intense optimization work by our R&D team and the feedback of convinced RANGE X-ALPS2 pilots. With the ultralight XC harness, you can enjoy maximum comfort over long distances, easy ascents on your Hike&Fly tours and reliable safety thanks to PERMAIR technology.

Size S M L
Pilot height (cm) 160 - 176 173 - 184 183 - 200
Harness weight (kg) 1,95 2,05 2,1
Maximum load (kg) 120 120 120
Vol. rescue compartment (cm³) 4300 cm³ 4300 cm³ 4300 cm³

Aerodynamic rear fairing

  • Ram air wing that inflates with the incoming air.
  • Miniribs and profiles ensure an ideal shape.
  • Improves drag and glide performance.
Dynamic pressure nose
  • Inflates with the incoming air and improves drag.
  • Serves additionally as a storage compartment for light, soft objects.

Front rescue system with cockpit

  • The cockpit offers space for several flight instruments and is optimally positioned in the pilots field of vision.
  • A small pocket on the inside of the frontcontainer provides space for a power bank and a lifeline.
  • The reserve handle is easy to reach and is ideally located in the field of view.

Storage compartments

  • The cleverly placed storage compartments offer sufficient stowage even on longer adventures.
  • Two storage compartments are accessible during the flight. Smaller items such as snacks, electronics, etc. can be reached at any time.
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