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Тениска MERYL

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Meryl team shirt


Supremely comfortable and easy care, the short sleeve Meryl® Team shirt is engineered for performance at the highest level.

The soft, absorbent microfibre helps maintain a balanced comfort level during all activities. The garment is light, stretchy and dries three times faster than cotton with no ironing needed. Unwanted body odors are kept at bay with Meryl Skinlife®. This is an inorganic bacteriostatic agent in the polymeric matrix. This agent is inherent in the fibre itself—rather than coated onto the surface of the fabric—which means that the bacteriostatic effect is maintained after more than 100 washes and does not migrate onto the skin, which could cause an allergic reaction. Meryl Skinlife® inhibits the growth of bacteria without killing them completely, thus maintaining the body's own natural balance.

> Classic Fit

> Fabric: 79% Nylon, 21% Elastane

> 4 colours / 3 printed designs

> New for 2011: grey and violet

Colours: Grey, Green, Violet, Blue 

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL 

Weight: 120g

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