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Differences to predecessor:
Target group
Demands on pilot
Comparable competing models
More comfortable in adjustment and during the flight; simple adjustment options; better in extreme flight maneuvers; smaller packing size; simple in handling; more robust; more storage space; Limited on 50 pieces! Sizes M and L only.
Mainseat with load distribution frame; inflatable protector; less spliced lines for adjustment; Get-Up system with locks; Front-rescue system with shoulder suspension; Recco-Reflector; Carabines with twistlock
Hike&Fly competition pilots as well as Hike&Fly expeditions; mountaineer. For pilots who depend on a full revetted, safe harness with minimal packing size
The harness was developed for the toughest adventure race on earth - the Red Bull X-ALPS. It suits for pilots who are used to flying with no seat board. Also the pilot must understand the handling of a ultra light harness.
Compared to its predecessor the RANGE X-ALPS2 is more simple in handling but way more comfortable in the air due to new technology
Gin Genie X-ALPS; Kortel Kolibri; Supair Strike

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