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Technical Data

Size S M L
Pilot height (cm) < 158-172 168-182 178-200 >
Weight (kg) 3,9 4,2 4,9
Seat board (cm) 30,5x41 33x44 36x48
Max. load (kg) 120 120 120

Variable Back Length Adjustment

>> The shoulder straps can be adjusted in height and thus individually adapted to the length of the pilot´s back.

Load Distribution Frame

>> Ensures ideal load distribution and support – highest flying comfort guaranteed!

Adjustable Damping

>> The loops marked with „+“ and „“ on the adjustable back, shoulder, chest and leg straps enable the cushioning of the CULT easily to be adapted to the current flying conditions.

Safety Slider

>> The innovative detail prevents unintentional opening of the buckles.

Side Protectors

>> Two perfectly positioned side protectors provide additional protection against side impact.

Pivot Point

>> Makes it easier to sit back in the harness after launch, as well as to straighten up before landing.

SAR Loops – Developed with German mountain rescue service

>> The SAR (Search And Rescue) allow a safe rescue by the mountain rescue service.


>> International standard: The RECCO-reflector accelerates rescue operations and helps to safe lives.

Get to know more about RECCO® on the official website.

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