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Microvario Pro Audio variometer

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Fully Customizable

The Microvario Pro is the most advanced audio variometer available.  It is the same compact size as the Microvario Pro and features a rechargable lithium-ion battery as well as three completely     customizable flight profiles so you can configure your vario exactly the way you want it.

Same great tone as the Microvario

Like the Microvario, the Microvario Pro contains three tone bands to provide high resolution information about lift conditions.  An optional lift band provides a tone in light or no lift.   

Never forget to log a flight

The Microvario Pro logs every flight, so you don't have to worry about keeping a paper logbook.  It is perfect for local flying.

Built for expansion

The Microvario Pro uses a standard USB interface with an open API and a powerful ARM processor.  It's easy to upgrade the firmware using the Windows software, so you'll always have the latest features.

What's in the box?

  • Flyte Park Microvario Pro
  • Owner's manual
  • Velcro for mounting
  • Saftey lanyard (installed)
  • Rechargable Battery (installed)
  • Micro USB cable


  • Precision 10cm pressure senssor accuracy
  • 20 hours flying time per-charge
  • 3 customizable profiles
  • Store 100 flight logs
  • USB
  • 60mm x 35mm (2.36" x 1.38")

The Microvario Pro companion software is compatible with Windows Vista and higher. It is availabe as a free download here, or you may order it on a USB key

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